Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Provider To-Do's in CROWN for MU2

Dear Eligible Providers,

We have boiled down the provider-specific to-do's for Meaningful Use Stage 2 that are new this year into this short video. Check it out here.

This builds on the basics of Stage 1, shown in prior posts.

You may find setting YouTube to HD viewing makes it more clear as shown below:

 Additional informational links:
1) Portal:

2) Results Verification:

 3) Meaningful Use Page:

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Meaningful Use of CROWN

Meaningful Use has 25 measures to meet.

But, we've configured CROWN and support staff functions in CROWN to offload the providers as much as possible.

MU How-To Videos:
In these brief videos, we step through the subset of measures on which providers should focus. It's not hard to do! Dr. Crimmins & Dr. Stetson explain it and makes it "meaningful": 
  1. Provider How-To Video
  2. Clinical Quality Measures Video
  3. End-of-Visit Bundle Video covering:
    1. Clinical Summary
    2. Patient Education
    3. eCopy of Record Request
Be sure to watch on the HD setting (High Definition), as shown below:

For a detailed review, see:
  1. Link to Meaningful Use PowerPoint on the CROWN Website with supporting documentation

    Tuesday, November 8, 2011

    iCharge How-To

    In this post, we review a new feature in Eclipsys SCM that links inpatient note-writing to charge workflow. This is a two-way connection between Eclipsys SCM and Allscripts EEHR (known at ColumbiaDoctors as CROWN), with built in MLMs and novel features for decision support for inpatient charge capture. We call this "Workflow Integration".

    Salient features for time efficiency:
    1) Very little training needed: Looks like CROWN Charge, so little training is needed.
    2) Single Signon: It's single signon bewteen SCM (Eclipsys) and EEHR (CROWN).
    3) No more CROWN list: You no longer need to maintain an "Inpatient List" in CROWN - just work off whatever SCM list you prefer.
    4) Real-time access to your notes while billing: We give you access to your note while dropping your bill, in case you forgot what level of complexity your documentation legitimately supports.
    5) Catch up on outstanding charges: We give you a "Billing History" tab, so that you can catch up on old bills.

    It works like this under the hood:

    See the videos below on how to use iCharge:
    1) Set up and general use
    2) Working with a Resident or Fellow
    3) For Billers in the case of an inpatient Consult, or checking the supporting Eclipsys note
    4) Giving us feedback through iCharge

    Additional Printable Resources:
    1) PDF: iCharge Job-aid on CROWN Website
    2) PDF: Undoing an erroneous charge on CROWN Website (requires the use of native CROWN)

    Friday, November 4, 2011

    Referral & Consult Management

    So you want to send a referral to a colleague on CROWN? See this video for creating a referral request, and sending the consultant your note.

    If you are the consultant, how do you send your consultation note back? See this video for completing the consultation and communicating your findings to the referring provider.

    Friday, December 3, 2010

    Results Review Quick Tips in CROWN

    CROWN (Allscripts EEHR) has been live for 2 years. We now have all results and reports that WebCIS (our legacy EMR) has provided us (except PFTs). In some ways, we have more, since many reports generated outside that were historically on paper, are now scanned into CROWN .

    Users may not know that CROWN provides:
    1) a "Results History" per item (e.g. past CBC's on a longitudinal flowsheet-style table)
    2) FlowSheets that can be customized to include only the relevant items you need
    3) Graphing capability for trends (e.g. Creatinine over time) from FlowSheets
    4) Sparklines for a quick peak at trends over time from the Health Management Profile
    5) Most importantly, the ability to filter the ChartViewer down to only those items of interest using a variety of filtering criteria (string matching, by provider, by encounter, etc).

    These are more advanced features of CROWN, but will make your life easier if you take a few minutes to learn about them.

    See this video that demonstrates these capabilities.

    These are best viewed on YouTube in HD as shown here:

    Wednesday, July 28, 2010

    Verifying Results Made Easy

    Want a quick way to work your lab, radiology and pathology results? Falling behind on your "verification tasks"? Are your patients asking for result letters in a more timely fashion? Check out Dr. Crimmins' two videos posted here.

    In the first video, we review a fast way to annotate and verify results and clear them from your task list. This is called QVerify in Allscripts-speak.

    In the second video, we review a means of verifying, annotating, generating a result letter and instructions to your front desk on sending the letter to the patient, all in one easy-to-use dashboard. This is called Verify... in Allscripts-speak.

    These are best viewed on YouTube in HD as shown here:

    Friday, March 26, 2010

    ePrescribing in CROWN (and getting paid for it)

    Scared by the thought of writing prescriptions electronically? Fear no more...Dr. Nickerson walks us through how fast and easy it is to write a new eRx and renew an eRx. In the process, she also demonstrates how to drop a GCode to qualify for the ePrescribing incentive.