Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Meaningful Use of CROWN

Meaningful Use has 25 measures to meet.

But, we've configured CROWN and support staff functions in CROWN to offload the providers as much as possible.

MU How-To Videos:
In these brief videos, we step through the subset of measures on which providers should focus. It's not hard to do! Dr. Crimmins & Dr. Stetson explain it and makes it "meaningful": 
  1. Provider How-To Video
  2. Clinical Quality Measures Video
  3. End-of-Visit Bundle Video covering:
    1. Clinical Summary
    2. Patient Education
    3. eCopy of Record Request
Be sure to watch on the HD setting (High Definition), as shown below:

For a detailed review, see:
  1. Link to Meaningful Use PowerPoint on the CROWN Website with supporting documentation

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